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0003211HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2018-06-27 01:43
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Summary0003211: Add/edit tags: create an anime-level episode tag massedit
DescriptionI get the distinct impression one of the reasons people don't care about episode tags as much as we'd like is that they're extra bothersome to add. You need to add them to each episode individually, which can be a very protracted process when you're adding a few tags to each episode of a full series. An anime-level massedit for ep tags would solve this problem nicely.

Additional InformationOne ep per line, ep to the left, tags separated by comma to the right. Example:

1 eating pocky, beach visit
2 first date, some other ep tag
5 whatever
S1 I'm out of ideas

We don't allow weights on ep tags, so no need to support them (can always update the code if this ever changes). Deleting a tag from the list should trigger a del creq, and eps without a corresponding line (e.g. 3-4 in that list) just means no tags for them. The confirmation page should allow you to set the local spoiler flag.
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