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0003222HTML & PERLFeature Request - Databasepublic2018-08-14 17:30
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Summary0003222: Group aliases and possible changes.
DescriptionIt is known that one can not create the group with the same name - thankfully, names are not case sensitive, but that doesn't really solve the problem with multiple groups having the same short name. Since the current rule is "first come, first served", groups that use one-off labels for majority of their releases occupy that certain name for no good reason.

Few uploaders that use one-off labels: - skiddiks - eXmendiC - kBaraka (for this one, I used "Tagged as" note most of the time, otherwise we'll have plenty of joint-like-looking groups which they aren't; sadly, that makes it impossible to search for them)

This could be solved by doing the following:
1) Instead of using group short name as unique identifier, allow for both short and full name to be unique identifiers, therefore allowing the same short name to be used multiple times. In cases where they are both the same, which is somewhat rare case, we could append the year to the full name to make distinction.

Group 1: fullname: Anime Fansub ; shortname: AF
Group 2: fullname: Anon Fansub ; shortname: AF (this one and previous one could exist at the same time since the full name is different)
Group 3: fullname: Anime Fansub (2015) ; shortname: AF (this one can coexist with first one since it has year in the title as well, to make it different)

2) Adding aliases for groups, which will make them searchable as well.

Group 1: fullname: skiddiks ; shortname: ・‿・; aliases: DŌMO, Mahou-X, moshisushi, etc.
Group 2: fullname: moshisushi ; shortname: moshisushi

When searching for "moshisushi", it'll return these 2 as result: moshisushi [moshisushi] and moshisushi [skiddiks].
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