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0003236HTML & PERLFeature Request - Databasepublic2018-08-28 20:12
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Summary0003236: Split "Specials" into two categories
DescriptionI would like a new section to be added alongside "specials" and "trailers" for bonus content such as interviews and promotional features. This type of content is currently mixed in with the "specials" section, where full-length special episodes go as well (with writing, dialogue, etc.), making things more difficult to keep track of.

I'd imagine migrating data from "specials" to this new section would be an enormous task, but I thought I would make a request for it anyhow. :)
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2018-08-28 10:44

administrator   ~0004267

promotional material already has it's own type (T/Trailer). Interviews exist far and between and are rather rare to begin with. I don't really see why that needs it's own segment.


2018-08-28 20:12

reporter   ~0004270

There's plenty of promotional material besides trailers.
full-length TV promos are the first thing that come to mind. A kind of "making of" feature. The kind of thing where they talk about the show's plot and characters, where they show clips from the show, and perhaps talk to the director, or some of the creators about the process of making the show.
These aren't exactly interviews, but they seem pretty common to me. Perhaps they aren't always translated, but I've seen them released as raws somewhat often.

I'm not especially interested in watching these at all since they are essentially just promotional material, but I am *absolutely* interested in seeing all-new episodes which were simply aired as specials or aired out of continuity. Currently both of these type of episodes are treated exactly the same, however, both just being listed as specials.

Perhaps an alternative to an all-new section is to allow for these longer-form promos to be marked as "making-of" or "interview", much like recap episodes currently are.

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