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0003269HTML & PERLFeature Requestpublic2018-11-29 10:42
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Summary0003269: Add tab to anime sites with information about streaming providers
Descriptionthis would be really awesome.

I think others already had the "fun" of clicking onto a crunchyroll or amazon video link just to crash into a site which is region locked or does not really work (as amazon doesnt really connect their branches), and it would be really awesome if there would be a tab which could list a bunch of streamers for different places, similar to for example the title tab.
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2018-10-05 21:08

administrator   ~0004296

completely impossible and out of scope oif what we are doing here. where do you tzhink said crunchyroll and amazon links come from? it's tiresomely added by hand by _me_. adding multiple regions and even more platforms is so much out of scope it's hilarious. not to mention that most platforms evne lock you out of their catalog unless you are from that region makign it near to impossible to build such a catalog to begin with,


2018-10-05 21:46

reporter   ~0004298

okay how could I have known that you add this? I would have thought this would in generally be added by the community on sight as with anidb as a whole. I mean I started this because I wanted to add links for german amazon video to some series, but didnt really have an idea about where/how to put it in.

I have no idea how much the community is doing for anidb, but when I find something noteworthy enough to add into anidb (like that Gold Roger got a different seiyu in one episode on one piece) then I go check whether it was already added and if not, more thoroughly check that everything fits and then I go add it (well didnt have many chances to do so though)

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