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0003324MyList ExportGeneralpublic2019-03-09 20:04
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Summary0003324: Export Template: create a standard "all mylist data" template that can also be re-imported back into AniDB
DescriptionCurrently AniDB import only accepts MAL; we should create a "standard all mylist data" export that can also be re-imported back to AniDB. Essentially it's a full backup for:
1. In case you screw up and need to recover data
2. People that like to keep backups of their data

Format can be anything; XML, json, etc, whichever makes more sense and is more easier to re-import.
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2019-03-09 20:03

manager   ~0004342

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[2019.03.09 14:41:19] <CDB-Man> this would be neat if we ever do it
[2019.03.09 14:44:05] <deriDIOt> i don't see the point
[2019.03.09 14:54:26] <CDB-Man> well, all those people that delete their list accidentally due to 3rd party apps for example
[2019.03.09 14:54:32] <CDB-Man> they can backup before trying now
[2019.03.09 14:54:49] <CDB-Man> or, those guys that have 9001 files to add and get api banned, they could import instead
[2019.03.09 14:55:11] <deriDIOt> no they couldn't
[2019.03.09 14:55:33] <CDB-Man> hmm?
[2019.03.09 14:55:47] <deriDIOt> hmm what
[2019.03.09 14:55:57] <deriDIOt> you have not evne remotely a grasp of the concept
[2019.03.09 14:56:46] <CDB-Man> well, we accept a bulk import based on MAL's format, why not some other format as well?
[2019.03.09 14:57:03] <deriDIOt> because that is fundamentally different
[2019.03.09 14:57:11] <CDB-Man> one that has file IDs so that people can add files is my idea
[2019.03.09 14:57:27] <CDB-Man> rather than the current MAL to resourcetb match
[2019.03.09 14:57:28] <deriDIOt> and those people have those file ids from where exactly?
[2019.03.09 14:57:38] <CDB-Man> from the list they exported, primarily
[2019.03.09 14:57:53] <deriDIOt> 20:55:15 ] [ CDB-Man ] or, those guys that have 9001 files to add and get api banned, they could import instead
[2019.03.09 14:58:01] <CDB-Man> that is a bonus feature
[2019.03.09 14:58:05] <deriDIOt> no it's not
[2019.03.09 14:58:10] <deriDIOt> it's an entirely different thing
[2019.03.09 14:58:27] <deriDIOt> where is your matcher
[2019.03.09 14:58:30] <CDB-Man> the main idea for the request is to backup the list and revocer if you ever screwed up
[2019.03.09 14:59:00] <CDB-Man> the fact that you couuld also use it to insert new data is a nice side effect. yes they would still need to query the FILE cmd on api to get hte file ID
[2019.03.09 14:59:09] <deriDIOt> ...
[2019.03.09 14:59:13] <deriDIOt> jesus it's not the same ffs
[2019.03.09 14:59:15] <CDB-Man> but they would cut out the subsequent command to add the file to list
[2019.03.09 14:59:43] <deriDIOt> that is the dumbest workflow i've ever seen
[2019.03.09 14:59:58] <CDB-Man> i am very aware that the 2 examples i listed serve differnt purposes
[2019.03.09 15:00:15] <deriDIOt> they don't just serve different purposes they are inheritly different
[2019.03.09 15:00:30] <deriDIOt> one has files you need to somehow match
[2019.03.09 15:00:38] <deriDIOt> the other is having lids
[2019.03.09 15:00:47] <deriDIOt> that is functionally and fundamentally different
[2019.03.09 15:01:07] <CDB-Man> hmm, alright then ditch the 2nd one
[2019.03.09 15:01:20] <deriDIOt> and no running a client that does a file udp request and spits it out into a list for import is a dumb workflow and i'm not supporting that
[2019.03.09 15:01:28] <CDB-Man> the primary reason this came up (on the shoko server) is as aa means to revoer from mistakes
[2019.03.09 15:01:44] <deriDIOt> maybe write better software that is not dumb as shit
[2019.03.09 15:01:47] <CDB-Man> forget i ever mentioned the new data insertion idea
[2019.03.09 15:01:53] <deriDIOt> somewhow that was never a problem before
[2019.03.09 15:02:28] <CDB-Man> i would not be surpised that other people or softwares have done that before, but just didnt speak up
[2019.03.09 15:03:09] <deriDIOt> wouldn't have helped them anyway as they didn't do an export beforehand anyway
[2019.03.09 15:03:35] <deriDIOt> your theoretical concepot has the flaw of requiring the person to know they are doing something dumb and not doing something about it
[2019.03.09 15:03:49] <CDB-Man> they could provide in their "welcome new users" popup to EXPORT BEFORE DOING ANYTHING warning or soemthing

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