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Summary0003335: Rework the Character Relation to the Anime
DescriptionWith the current system, there are three tiers when it comes to the character's appearance: the main character, a secondary character, and the appearing character. This division isn't generally how the cast is classified and it's rather limiting and causes too many debates... So, I propose we rename one and add two more tiers. I'm going to list them and offer some guidelines on how the relationship should be used:

1. Main character. Which should stay the same, it should be noted that with the new tier, classifying characters as main characters should be done more cautiously because it's very hard to find series that has more than three main characters.

2. Regular character. Regular characters are characters appear almost in every episode, they often interact with the main characters but are significantly less important than them. E.g. in Boku no Hero Academia at least the following should be regular characters: Tsuyu, Iida Uraraka, Froppy, Bakugou, Shouto, Momo.

3. Recurring character. Character's appearance isn't limited to a single episode or to multi-parter but spread out. Often recurring characters are included in opening. Arita Mayu from Death Parade is a fine example of a recurring character, appearing four episodes out of twelve.

4. Visiting character (or guest star). A character who either appears in a single episode or a multi-parter. These characters are significant to the episode they are in, being the "character of the week". Example being Masayasu from Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa.

5. Appearing character. A character who appears in a single episode/scene. They are almost always insignificant, even if they do something significant, as long as they do not appear outside their scene. Oblivious mob characters should remain as appearing characters.

I do not suggest that we manually go through every character and re-classify them, that would be crazy. Instead, I suggest that we add the option the classify these character with these relations, and auto-converts all current secondary characters to a recurring character.
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