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0003349HTML & PERLFeature Requestpublic2020-01-11 13:28
ReporterDeth93 Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Summary0003349: Disallow users to edit/remove their replies in CREQs after the CREQ has been closed/dealt with.
DescriptionThe way things are now, user can submit a change request and delete their comment as long as it's the last one in the row, even after the issue has been dealt with, possibly leaving the CREQ history incomplete should one decide to recheck the issue. While that behavior is acceptable while CREQ is still open, it should be disabled for all but mods after it's been closed.
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related to 0003409 new Unable to edit or delete new messages in nonā€pending creq 



2019-07-08 01:21

manager   ~0004364

Alternatively if that's harder to implement, make it so that whenever a mod closes a creq (mod grant, mod force revoke, mod deny, etc), make the closing user auto-insert a comment saying "creq closed" or something so that all prior messages are locked.

When a user regular revokes a creq, it should also lock all edits of comments. Also, the user should be unable to edit the last comment if it is theirs.

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