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Summary0003357: Add mod report: Group joints with missing group relations
DescriptionWhile new "Hide group joints" feature allows narrowing GroupList page to look for any groups missing "virtual/joint" type flag and submit fix creq, there's still plenti of old group joints that were added without group relations so they don't show up on their respective main group pages. I try to fix these as I come across them while randomly browsing, currently there is no way to track these group joints with missing group relations.

Simple solution would be to add a mod report for these if possible. If not, add another new GroupList filter option: Hide Group Joints with Relations (Hide Joint-rels)
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2020-01-25 21:48

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You mean something like that exists for years already?

The report is not actually based on the "virtual" flag because a lot of people don't set that when adding joints. Instead it filters group that match the following criteria:

((Group name contains "<space>&<space>", "<space>,<space>", "<space>.<space>", "<space>-<space>") OR (Shortname contains "&", "+", "~")) AND (No group-group relation has been added)

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