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0003368ReportsGeneralpublic2020-01-05 00:04
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Summary0003368: Add mod report: Maintenance tag NODESC used on entries that had 'Other' field modified
DescriptionAdd mod report for aniDB entries that had it's description/ 'Other' field modified but also have a Maintenance tag 'DESCRIPTION MISSING' added. Currently, this has been used on 1425 entries. Many of them since then have had a summary added, but the tag wasn't removed.


While editing an aniDB entry, there is no notification about this tag so ones that are missing description/summary stays missing; and if someone does add a description/summary, they might forget to remove this tag (examples).

It's rather taxing to go through all 1425 entries to see where the tag is properly applied.
Tagsanime tags, mod, report


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