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0003372HTML & PERLFeature Request - Databasepublic2019-08-03 20:05
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Summary0003372: File: Add an "audio description" audio track type
DescriptionThanks to Netflix, there is now a sizable amount of anime around that have so-called "audio description" Japanese audio tracks available. These tracks are aimed at blind people and include a spoken description of the important visual information they would otherwise miss on. Some groups like DragsterPS include those audio tracks with their releases, so we need to note them as such somehow.

The current strategy to deal with these has been to set the audio track as "other" type (since none of the other types fit) and include a "for visually impaired" as a stream note; see this file for a live example. However, adding this information is *very* slow because even mods can't mass edit stream descriptions but need to go edit each file separately (also see issue 0002145 – the mass edit form should really be amended to be able to edit all file data in fact), and it is kinda awkward and messy to have a large number of other type streams with a standard comment like this.

I'm proposing that a new "audio description" audio track type be created to solve the issues we currently have with releases with these tracks.
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2019-08-03 20:05

administrator   ~0004375

Will be available with the next update.

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