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0003379HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2019-08-25 20:14
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Summary0003379: Syoboi admin: Allow marking syoboi lines as "known incorrect"
DescriptionRegarding first and now ...

It appears that Syoboi editors are not very good at reacting to airing delays or sudden (S-numbered) recap episodes in a consistent way, leaving random channels unfixed for long times. Therefore, I believe there should be a way to mark lines we know to be incorrect as such so that those entries are hidden in the Syoboi relation editing interfaces and made unassignable to any episode entries until the next time that line is updated on Syoboi's end. (I.e. this would be similar to the current blacklisting function, except that the entry would be automatically "unblacklisted" at next edit.)
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