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0003389HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2020-01-24 21:22
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Summary0003389: Allow us to filter out indirectly related animes when "related & not in mylist" is selected.
DescriptionBeing able to see all animes that have a relation with the animes in my list is a good feature but most of the time I don't care about the indirectly related animes. I don't want to see Blood-C in the results just because I've watched Chobits. So something like the following would suffice to solve this problem:

related & not in mylist (directly related only)
related & not in mylist (directly & indirectly related)

Being able to further specify the relationship would be even more ideal. So maybe when "related & not in mylist" is selected, relations such as sequel, prequel, same setting etc. can be listed as checkboxes, so we can only see, say, sequels if we only care about those.
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2020-01-24 21:22

reporter   ~0004415

Addendum: If I have dropped an anime, chances are I am not interested in the related animes to that anime so there should be a way to filter those out. Similarly, if I have not watched an anime and have it on my list as "Collecting", then chances are I do not want to search for related animes to that anime. If we could somehow specifically search for animes that are (directly) related to "Completed" animes in our lists, that would be perfect.

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