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0003412HTML & PERLFeature Requestpublic2020-01-23 19:24
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Summary0003412: HTML tags: Expand tagging of class=restricted on Similar Anime and other pages
DescriptionOn we have:

<td class="thumb anime restricted">
<img alt="Trouble Evocation" src="" class="g_image g_bubble thumbcrop restricted">

The td element has .restricted, so that selectors such as:
.restricted #imagepreview img {
  display: none !important;

Will hide the imagepreview of restricted images.

But on:

<div class="g_bubble" id="sa3988">

The .restricted class is missing on the enclosing element, so the imagepreview is not captured.

1. Add .restricted to the parent element (the containing div in the case of similar anime page) for this page and other pages; OR
2. Also add .restricted to the imagepreview's image itself, so that the selector "#imagepreview img.restricted" works.

The 1st option is preferred, as this also allows for example highlighting the bubble black or something to show the entry is 18+; also it's consistent with current layouts.
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