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0003435HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2020-04-27 07:56
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Summary0003435: Create a "hover/click for more" flag (suggested icon: plus sign) for animegroup/file with way too many languages
DescriptionExcessive amounts of language flags in certain releases break the tables and make them horrible no matter how much screen real estate you possess, but the effect is particularly pronounced when you're on smaller screens. It is not a major problem until every file is 2x or 3x as tall and using the table is suddenly a pain in the ass.

To solve this, I propose the introduction of a feature that hides flags after a certain point. If the release has up to ten flags, all are shown normally. Otherwise, up to nine flags would be shown, with all flags number 10 and beyond being replaced by a "click/hover for more" flag, which I think should be a plus sign ("+"), as that symbol easily evokes the idea of more. On hovering over or clicking on it, it would display the rest on a popup-like thing. The user should be able to hover over the flags that show up, to see the data that he normally would (e.g. audio codec for files) when doing so. All that data would already be loaded like it is now, just hidden, so there's no need to fetch anything.

In my idea, the distribution among those nine flags would be as follows. If there are fewer than five sub languages, then all subs would be shown, with all remaining spaces taken by audio. If there are at least five sub languages, then audio has four slots to fill, and subs take the extra spaces. The idea is to necessarily fill all nine slots available in any circumstance of more than ten flags, while ensuring a minimum of four audio and five sub slots when there are many of both kinds.
Steps To ReproduceExample: (both screenshots from that page and with default style and no user CSS). on 1920x1080 fullscreen; acceptable at this moment, but ugly as sin, and likely to wrap if any of the columns (particularly group name) becomes larger (my 100-px sidebar already makes it wrap on the default style without floating menu, which is why I fullscreened) on a smaller screen, courtesy of newser; note the massive wrapping in the group table (this also has an issue on Commie's name in the table that shows the files for ep 3, but CDB appears to have fixed it since)
Additional InformationThe numbers I suggested can be changed, of course, but I have a reasoning behind them. I think we should try to accommodate releases that include Japanese, English, and one or two other foreign dubs, those that work the same way with subs, and particularly those that do both, before slamming the breaks with the releases that compete to see how many flags they can possibly include. Ten flags is also not too many, but perhaps we should make it four sub and three audio flags instead of five and four, bringing the final total to eight. Eight would certainly work better in newser's screenshot than ten. It's a balancing act between being more inclusive towards foreign releases and being more lenient towards lower resolutions.

As an alternative, the plus popup could list the flags vertically, with the data to the right of its respective flag; should you go with that, I would recommend also listing the flags that the user can already see. That being the case, perhaps that listing should be available even there are 10 or fewer flags.

Incidentally, I'm sure someone out there will want all flags shown the current way, so maybe there should be an option to override the feature altogether.
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