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0003479HTML & PERLBug Reportpublic2020-12-29 00:35
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Summary0003479: Empty alt tag hides broken image placeholder
DescriptionOn the forums and blogposts image tags have attribute alt="" which prevents clients from displaying placeholder image when image fails to load (due to src leading to inexistent resource or client blocking 3rd party resources).

Expected behaviour: if image fails to load client should display placeholder image or image url
Steps To Reproduce1. Go to any post with an image (for example:
2. Disable external resources or change image src to inexistent resource
There is nothing to indicate that there should be an image
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2020-12-28 09:17

administrator   ~0004453

personally i would classify that as really retarded on the browsers side of things. the alt attribute is _required_ according to the html spec. especially searchengines scream bloody murder if you drop it.
usually we set the value of the alt attribute to the name of the entity shown in the image. for images displayed in the forum that is not really possible as we don't know what it shows. using some dumb "here be dragons" value seems ridiculous to me. seems like an empty alt attribute is interpreted as "do not show anything" which is ... ok i guess, but the placeholer image on load issues is only shown if the mandatory alt attribute is missing? the fuck?

i guess i will have to set something in the place of an empty aqlt attribute. the url i guess *shrug*


2020-12-29 00:35

reporter   ~0004454

The specification states that "the alt attribute must be specified and its value must not be empty" except for specific cases. In case where image contents are not known due to being provided by user it says that the alt attribute can be omitted if img is in figure with figcaption or img has a title attribute[1]. Personally I think providing url in the alt attribute would be preferable – maybe prefixed with "User supplied image" for accessibility but that seems kind of redundant.


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