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0003482HTML & PERLFeature Requestpublic2022-04-26 21:15
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Summary0003482: Percentile stats for ratings

This may not be new, but I didn`t find anything on the forum / tracker about it either.

Today, I wanted to understand which group had the "best" release for an anime. I wasn`t able to make a decision based on release rating, because there are not enough votes. I decided to inspect each group`s rating next, which gave me more data, but it`s still difficult to make heads or tails of a group`s rating. For example, is 6.8 a good rating? It would be more clear to me if the rating came with a percentile to indicate, "this group is within the 80th percentile" or something to that effect.

In order to understand a rating right now, I need to go look at large sets of rating data and memorize what is generally "good" then go back and compare it to what I was looking at earlier. Since the ratings can change over time, and I can also forget over time what a "good" rating is, it`d be great if this were more easily apparent.

In summary, it`d be great if relative ratings across the site could be accompanied by percentiles.
  - "This anime ranks better than 95% of all other anime out there" -- what a great thing to know immediately on a anime page
  - "This group ranks better than only 10% of all other groups" -- stinky, thanks for letting me know anidb

If there`s a way to understand this kind of message already, I`d love to know. Otherwise, thanks for considering this feature request.
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