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0003488HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2021-01-14 07:30
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Summary0003488: Calendar: also show studios when they are credited with Work instead of only with Animation Work
DescriptionCurrently, the calendar ( shows the studios (generally one, but on occasion multiple) for each show by bringing up Animation Work (アニメーション制作) credits ( Quite often, however, studios are credited with Work (制作) ( instead, in which case no studios are shown. While there seems to be some sort of difference between the two credits sometimes, it is effectively non-existent or at most immaterial for most cases by far, especially for the calendar's purposes. The calendar should thus show both credits equally.
Steps To Reproduce

Search for Hataraku Saibou, or Slime, or Log Horizon; they all have a studio listed right after e.g. "TV Series, X eps". Open up the anime page and you will find that studio with Animation Work (アニメーション制作) credits.

Now search for Horimiya, or Mushoku Tensei, or Beastars; they have no studio listed at that location. All examples provided have a Work (制作) credit that the calendar doesn't show.
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