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0003489SigServerBug Reportpublic2023-07-09 18:22
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Summary0003489: Ugly phrasing in SigServer's introduction text
DescriptionSome parts (see attachment) look strange and are hard to understand
It would be better replacing it with this text (phrasing suggested by CDB and Belove):

"Welcome to the SigServer, [username]. The SigServer allows you to easily keep an up-to-date signature image using AniDB data, for use anywhere. To start using this feature, choose between Simple and Advanced mode. Simple provides you a user friendly interface with predefined images and limited customization. Advanced mode is trickier but opens up vast possibilities. You can always change your mind later on."
Steps To Reproduce
Apparently should not have any mode chosen to see the introduction text
Additional InformationExplanation regarding the second sentence by aaabbb:
seems to be missing the usual commas or paranthesis for the clause in the middle ([to, in an easy way, keep], or [to (in an easy way) keep], although I would tend to make it [to keep, in an easy way, an], or [to keep (in an easy way) an]), and it is not how one would typically say it in a conversational setting where the [in an easy way] would get tacked onto the end of it instead of shoved into the middle.

Explanation regarding revision of the rest of the text by Belove:
better to have a comma between "Sigserver" and the username (two proper names run together detracts from readability); should be a comma after "To start using this feature"; "simple and advanced mode" should be "Simple and Advanced mode" since the mode names are proper names/titles and not abstract adjectives; "userfriendly" should be "user friendly"; "opens a vast amount of" should be "opens a vast number of" (number issued for countable things) or maybe better, just "opens up vast" (up is often used when in reference to expanding; number can be dropped here to imply we mean the size of a set).
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