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Summary0003498: Create a filter based on origin country in the season chart / schedule.
DescriptionThe Chinese animation industry is growing. The titles are produced in more numbers and in better quality from year to year so they will end to be more visibility present in charts and upcoming seasons. The ability to filter them is needed because not all are interested to see all the titles. It will be indispensable for the upcoming seasons.

This feature will be similar to something like "Adult Content", see the attached pic, where:
ignore - show all
Japan/China or Korea - show produced in Japan/China or Korea.
other - show produced in other countries <- I'm not sure that this is indeed needed, so optional based on its necessity.

I would not say that this is the easiest way to implement it, but this filter can be tied to the main title of the anime.
If the main title is Japanese transcription then it is Japan, and respectively for Chinese and Korean transcription.
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2021-04-07 09:49


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2021-04-07 11:27

administrator   ~0004462

1. we do not track country of origin
2. how much of somethign consitutes as being the country of origin? is 50% japanese enough? is 40? 30?
globalisation does not make for clear cuts. a lot of anime has outsourcing to korea, china etc.


2021-04-07 12:02

reporter   ~0004463

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1. Strange to hear this when there are tags like South Korean animation and Chinese anime already in the database, and quite old. The people just want to be able to filter them, it can be also implemented through the presence of these tags, if it is easier to you.

2. I don't understand what is the issue here. If you don't like "country of origin" then just name it "production country" or just "country" or something else. Definitely on some anime can work different people from more that one country, but the main title was decided based on the animation studio and main staff, that decide how the work will look. Until now I didn't see big issues. Somehow we managed to put main titles (language) and those tags.
If the production is the problem then just name the filter based on what already exist, like "Anime main title language" with the options:
and this will satisfy the majority. There is a present interest in filtering them and I don't see why we can't satisfy this interest.


2021-04-07 12:39

administrator   ~0004464

if they want to use these tags they already can do excactly that. no extra work required. ->
Page to search in: season chart
Tags - Anime: origin, select the relevant tags and pick exclude.




2021-04-07 13:36

reporter   ~0004465

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I can assure you that for the majority this is not intuitive at all, so don't be surprised when the majority will not know how to use this or that it even exists. Well even I never needed to search in the season chart so never looked for such a possibility.

Now this in some way solves the issue from that thread, but I would say that this is not really something niche, so a lot of users would use it.
Make it more easier to access.
Since the tags exist, then just a visible option on the season chart / schedule page.
Based on the tags' titles:

"Production" with two option (box that can be checked)
- exclude Chinese production
- exclude Korean production (includes South Korean production and North Korean production tags).
Dunno... I do think that such an option has the potential for more widespread use in order to make it more public.

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