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0003500CSSBug Report - Interfacepublic2021-05-02 06:29
ReporterIleca Assigned To 
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PlatformFirefoxOSWindowsOS Version7
Summary0003500: Vote For This Entry from Mylist & Vote Status tab overlaps MyList Info
DescriptionLook at my attached pic to see what I mean.
My viewport's width is of 1600 and the option for having a side bar asks you to have "min. 1500px screen estate".
It is the same when you have a temporary vote as you still have the choice to vote permanently.
Reducing the space between temporary and permanent vote should be enough, or reducing the length of the title column.
I see no problem with my other tabs.

That's all. o7
Steps To Reproduce1600 width and "Show info blocks as a sidebar (min. 1500px screen estate)" checked.
TagsCSS, layout



2021-05-02 06:28


overl.PNG (243,195 bytes)   
overl.PNG (243,195 bytes)   

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