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0003503HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2021-06-16 02:49
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Summary0003503: Anime page, ep list: add icon (like the note or recap icons) for tags, show eptags marked is_important on hover
DescriptionWhile a very reasonable argument can be made that there may be no point in listing every ep tag on each ep on the anime page, there are still a handful of ep tags that really should be displayed, as they are particularly helpful or important in some way or another. An icon, such as the note or recap icons, and with the important tags listed on hover, would be an elegant way of doing it. An ep tag would be defined as important simply by setting the is_important flag on tagreltb; to the best of my knowledge, that flag is not actually used anywhere for ep tags, and this seems a very good place to put it to use.

A rather obvious example of the use for this feature is the "live-action episode" tag, whose absence in the anime page can be particularly annoying when looking at S-type episodes. The fact an episode contains primarily live-action content is arguably at least as important as the fact another episode is a recap, and the eptb recap flag is deemed important enough to be shown on the anime page via an icon.

The best existing workaround for the lack of such an icon is to backtrack to the tag section for the anime, open the ep list with each important tag in new tabs, scroll back to the episode list, and compare manually. While it is great that a workaround exists in the first place, which makes this issue less of a game breaker, not many think to use it or even realize they can, and using it is still a hassle at best; implementing this request would produce be a big QoL improvement.
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