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0003504HTML & PERLFeature Requestpublic2021-09-06 15:46
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PlatformSafariOSmacOS Catalina OS Version10.15.7 19H1217
Summary0003504: Show a warning when hitting the "convert entry" that a change request is already pending
DescriptionShouldn't the site tell you [I]before[/I] trying to convert an entry, that a change request is already pending?

I filled in all the same info, and uploaded the same pic, but only saw someone already wanted to convert the entry after hitting submit, in the thing with the warning and if it's already in the database/create a guise etc etc
Steps To Reproduce- Go to a virtual credit where a change request is already pending (example:
- Hit the "Convert Entry" button
- Fill in info and hit submit
- Be amazed that there's already someone with the same name, and that that entry is currently pending, and that they have the same birthday and info haha!
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