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0003513HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2022-01-02 02:53
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Summary0003513: Anime Page > Group Status table > Episodes bar shading width percentage rounding
DescriptionIn the Group Status table, the Episodes bar (epbar) appears to round the width of the "done" or "notdone" shaded parts to a whole percentage width. This sometimes rounds up, not to the closest percentage, leading to apparent misalignment of some episodes between different rows in the table (different groups). This may be more visible with the addition of "done mylist" shading which may show overlapping shading where there are not actually overlapping episodes.

This is more applicable to anime with large numbers of episodes and for groups with incomplete releases.
Understood that the maths needs to sum all the parts to 100% so some rounding away from the closest whole percentage may be inevitable, unless there is a different method for calculating and drawing to more precision?
The minimum of 1% precision also limits the accuracy of drawing the bar for releases with multiple gaps on high episode count anime.
Steps To Reproducee.g.
Highest episode number = 178

Group A: Done: 161-178, in mylist: 165-178
notdone 90% | done 2% | done mylist 8%

Group B: Done: 1-164, in mylist: 1-164
done mylist 93% | notdone 7%

The shading to EP164 would be 164/178 = 92.13% but this has been rounded up so there is an apparent shading overlap of 1%.
Additional InformationScreen snip using style AniBlackle v2.
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