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0003522HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2022-03-07 08:37
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Summary0003522: Group status: add option to show filtered groups

I have a 'default language' filter in effect in my profile and therefore releases in other languages were being hidden from me on certain anime pages. However, I was able to notice this in the "Episodes" section as there was a helpful message along the lines of "4 language filtered file(s) not shown - show all languages". When I clicked the "show all languages" link, I was able to see the releases in languages other than my chosen defaults.

However, I do not see a similar option for the "Group Status" section. For some anime, I see an empty "Group Status" section even though there are multiple subs available albeit not in my preferred languages. A similar "show all languages" option might be useful here too.

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