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0003526HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2022-04-17 03:43
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Summary0003526: Change to landing page after submitting creq for file edit, currently titled "Added File"
DescriptionThe landing page ( after submitting a creq for a file edit is currently titled "Added File" even though the creq is not adding a file.

Suggest that the landing page after submitting a creq is titled to reflect that it is an edit request, e.g.
"Creq Submitted - File - <additional info>"
Possibly including additional info specific to the entry being edited. May also be nice to include a direct link somewhere on the page to the creq created, e.g. to add/edit creq comments.
Additional InformationThis "Added File" landing page might currently be in use for other transactions, i.e. adding individual files. Although the link to the file entry is on the page, it could still be useful to update the title to be more descriptive, including e.g. anime title, episode number.

Might be an opportunity to review other creq submission landing pages for consistency.
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2022-04-17 03:42


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Edit File Landing Page.JPG (40,197 bytes)   

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