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0003533HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2022-07-27 08:30
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Summary0003533: Upon removing a recommendation: Send notification & store the content temporarily.
DescriptionAs you already know, you may report a recommendation if it's deemed unfit due to various reasons (commonly spoiler, not helpful, abusive usage, etc). And as someone who use it often, it's understandable how some of my recommendation might gone.

But the problem is: I never get to know if it's gone, I never got any notification for it. And what's worse even if I notice it is that I don't remember what I write to even correct any mistake -- there's no trace of it. It's a bit bummer too since I often use it to share my key impression and easily recall what I thought about the series.
Tagsanime staff, notification, recommendation, tooltip


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