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0003537HTML & PERLFeature Request - Databasepublic2022-11-02 15:59
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Summary0003537: Allow marking an anime entry without an end date as finished
DescriptionWe have some anime in the DB where it is hard to find credible information about when exactly they were released. But we know for a fact that they are complete and finished. Many of these can be found with this search:

These include about ⅓ old anime from the 1930s/40s, ⅓ obscure Sanrio anime that have been reissued so many times it's hard to pin down the first release and another ⅓ miscellaneous stuff. All in all, we're talking about around 20-30 entries where there just isn't any reliable info to be found. The list used to be longer, but me and some other users spent considerable time to track down the release dates.

I think we should have a way of marking them as finished even without an end date. This would allow users to cast a vote and prevent creqs trying to set a bogus end date. In the past, you could say that not being able to cast a vote incentivised further research. Now it does the opposite.

Interface-wise, this could be done with a simple tick box when editing anime entries.
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