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0003568HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2023-09-20 01:36
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Summary0003568: Generate creq when regular user (not mod, char-char rel maint., char maint.) tries to add evolve/transform char-char rels
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>This concerns the following four char-char rel types listed below:

>permanently evolved/transformed from
>permanently evolves/transforms into
>temporarily evolved/transformed from
>temporarily evolves/transforms into

>Those rels are almost never supposed to be added by regular users because they are almost universally wrong. Per current policy (as set by worf many years ago), there are extremely few legitimate use cases for this and they are effectively restricted to Pokemon and Digimon. Almost 100% of the time a regular user adds one of those, they wanted guises instead. I've deleted hundreds of those over the years and God knows how many exist.

Along the same lines as the other request, assuming the user says "yes I really wanna do this" and bypasses the warning, this action should generate a creq. Because there is almost no way the user is right and we *want* to be sure. I am yet to see a single time this change has been correctly added by someone who didn't have modedit powers over char-char rels.

Obviously, char-char rel maintainers, char maintainers and mods would be exempt, because they are already exempt from generating creqs on char-char rels no matter the action taken.
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related to 0003569 new Reports Add mod report: evolve/transform char-char rels, either character is not Pokemon or Digimon 


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