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0000399HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2006-11-06 19:15
ReporterElberet Assigned Toepoximator  
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Summary0000399: minor mylist quirks
DescriptionIn certain cases the expand=X parameter is not reset when it should. For example, when removing all files of an anime by clicking all the files' checkboxes (I know, doing that is a stupid thing) or browsing to a different page with the jump-to letters or using one of the hide/show filters that would hide the expanded anime from view.

In short, when the user does something that makes the expanded anime not show up in the display, the expand= should be reset or ignored.

If an anime is expanded but doesn't appear, there's no control button to un-expand it and the checkboxes for animes as well as the dropdown control at the bottom of the page are gone.
Additional InformationI recently came across this bug and was puzzled by it.

What happened was I had an anime expanded, then I clicked the next button. Then I tried to click on the check-boxes to update another anime, but I couldn't find the check boxes. I tried to refresh thinking it was a loading problem, but that didn't help.

I would propose that clicking on any of the filters, the letters or prev/next would reset the expand=xxx setting.

This would still leave the challenge of the user making a change to the anime that makes it filtered out (i.e. marking all as read if hide viewed is on) or deleting all the episodes. But this is a rarer case and the user would probably realize that they caused the anime to disappear by their actions.
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