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0000004HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2007-01-21 22:54
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Summary0000004: Sort by Tmp. Rating on the animelist page
DescriptionWhat the feature would do is self-explanatory. The benefit is obviously to better gauge which unfinished series are worth pursuing. If you have to wait until Meitantei Conan to finish at episode 600 before realizing you should've downloaded the other 599, then, well...
(That's just an example. And that being said, there are actually permanent votes for that series when there shouldn't be.)

Also, presumably this feature wouldn't be difficult to implement. (Or most likely, very easy to.)

Comparatively, I find the Sort by Revs [ratings] feature on that page quite useless. It doesn't give any weight to good reviews over bad ones, and is just a small selection of the voters (many whose opinions don't mean jack to anybody) who have bothered to write something about an anime. But I digress, I don't mind if that feature remains, it's just an extra column on the side.

by tezuka
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