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0000524HTML & PERLFeature Request - Miscpublic2014-05-12 00:23
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Summary0000524: Make table-writer for backend page generation code
DescriptionThere are a wide variety of data tables in anidb html pages (in addition to the many used for layout). Currently each perl file duplicates code for creating tables, and uses linear print statement and looping constructs. To rewrite all the page generation across the website for css-adoption, and to ensure it's valid markup for all the many variations on the theme, would be a herculean task.
To make this undertaking at all possible, a single interface is required, that'd be fed data from whatever sql lookups needed for the page, and spit consistant, accessible, provably correct markup.
Additional InformationPreviously an internal request (dating back a few months), as there has been zero progress, tracking issue.
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