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0000554HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2006-12-24 09:29
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Summary0000554: Guest Password Access - URLs missing pass= param
When using a Guest Password to Access the 'list votes' or 'show history' pages, the URLs on these pages are missing the 'pass=' parameter.
(The pass= param is not being 'carried over')

Redirect to 'ERROR:2 - ACCESS DENIED'

Manually adding &pass=GUEST_PASSWORD to URLs that access private data allows access, but the links on the now accessible page are still missing the parameter.
The parameter is not being 'carried over'.

I am assuming the same perl script/code is generating these pages for both Guests and Members, thus the pass= param cannot simply be appended to the links.

I have found this to be an issue on the 'list votes' and 'show history' pages.

*Problem exists for ALL links to private data.*
(ie. Links on the 'list votes' and 'show history' pages.)

A list of the problematic links can be found in the 'Additional Information'

-An Example:
 The 'list votes' page can be accessed.
 The links to private data on that page need the pass param.
 (ex: The 'tmp. anime' URL below needs &pass=)

(As stated, a comprehensive list of problematic links can be found in the 'Additional Information' Section)

[Personal Comment]
Again, I have mentioned a few 'obvious' details/explanations, but I did this in hopes that it will clarify the solution enough that the task can be assigned to someone that may not be familiar with that section of the site. (Not that I am familiar with it, but I wanted to give a reasonably educated guess/troubleshooting_path to get the solution started.) :/ I'm just going to keep 'believing' that extra info wasn't more energy then just fixing it to begin with ^_^;
Additional Information[Useful References]
(These use my list as an example)

Access to MyList using passwords:

list votes link

show history link

[List of Problematic Links]

-On list votes page
    * anime | tmp. anime | group | episode | animegroup | review
    * hide hentai - show only hentai
    * All links for Sorting/OrderBy

-On show history page
    * added | watched | stored | deleted
    * by week (at bottom)


Otherwise, ALL sorting (and any combination of links) for the main MyList page is OK.

I have not made any reviews, but a password probably isn't required to access 'list reviews'.

I have NOT tested 'compare mylists' (that may-or-may-not be an issue). (I have to be logged in to do so, and I 'cannot compare my own list'.)
If it would be more convenient, anyone working on this can use mine for testing. (The link/pass can be found in the references at the top of this section.)
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