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0000654HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2007-06-09 14:35
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Summary0000654: ed2kdump used to show filename from file page, now shows filename supplied by user
DescriptionPlease bring back the autogenerated filename/ed2k link on the ed2kdump identify results page.

Reasoning being: the fids, on their own, aren't really that useful to the user: he's trying to identify files, not add them, so a human-readable result would be more useful than a machine-readable one.

Example: try ed2kdump identifying the following links:

ed2k://|file|Vandread 1st Stage - 01.avi|251516928|b66905708e63e7e50182d190535009a2|
ed2k://|file|Vandread 1st Stage - 02.avi|146800640|22be8cfceefc09f30b9cd2a673ed56d1|
ed2k://|file|Vandread 1st Stage - 03.avi|260034560|417eb33608150d043c87cf691520d9aa|

You should get the following results:

State FID CRC Status Msg
Not in list 61486 Vandread 1st Stage - 01.avi
Not in list 285729 valid crc Vandread 1st Stage - 02.avi
Not in list 22083 Vandread 1st Stage - 03.avi

Unfortunately, episode three is mislabeled as episode one, and vice versa. Episode two is actually an episode of Ghost Hunt.

In the older version of ed2kdump, you'd have got

State FID CRC Status Filename/link
Not in list 61486 ed2k://|file|VanDread_-_03_-_This_is_the_Path_I_Choose_to_Live_-_[AU].avi|251516928|b66905708e63e7e50182d190535009a2|/
Not in list 285729 valid crc ed2k://|file|Ghost_Hunt_-_07_-_Cursed_Person_After_School_(Part_1)_-_[SHS](02e62b01).avi|146800640|22be8cfceefc09f30b9cd2a673ed56d1|/
Not in list 22083 ed2k://|file|VanDread_-_01_-_Boy_Meets_Girl_-_[SSX].avi|260034560|417eb33608150d043c87cf691520d9aa|/

It's obvious that something's amiss, without having to click all the file pages.
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