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0000757HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2008-02-25 08:19
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Summary0000757: Release Info popup looks bad (loses some site styles)
DescriptionThe icons and text in the Release Info popup (Wishlist, 'to get' items) seem very jumbled up and confused - generally failing to convey everything they should.

This is partly because some site styles don't get applied when the content is copied into the tooltip element, as it is not inside #layout-content. At least one rule is lost because of this:

/* Rule 63 of */
#layout-content *.icons *.i_icon {

This rule happens to be the one which sets "float: left;" for the icons, which is a major contributor to the odd result in the popup.

I'm not sure there is any necessity for the #layout-content part of the rule, and it could probably be simplified to just "*.icons *.i_icon".

Even having fixed this locally, the display wasn't perfect, as the floats were interfearing with each other now. The fix was to apply "clear: left;" to "*.icons" - but as I did this directly in the page, I don't know if this needs more care for use globally on the site (might mess up other places that use icons).


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