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0000769HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2007-10-08 18:46
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Summary0000769: My List Filtering - page= param carried over when it shouldn't be
DescriptionMyList attempts to display a page # greater then the last page.

[ Explanation by Example ]
Applying a 'hide filter' to a user's MyList reduces the number of results.
The resulting filtered list may have less pages then the non-filtered list.

Say the original list has 9 pages and the filtered list only has 7. If a user is viewing page 8 and then applies the filter, the 'page=8' param is carried over and AniDB attempts to display page 8 of the filtered list (which does not exits) thus resulting in a 'no results' message even though there are indeed results.

This effects ALL filters ('show/hide' filters, 'only ova/tv/movies', and 'filestate filters' internal/external/unknown/deleted etc.)
Steps To ReproduceView one of the last few pages in a MyList, then apply a filter such that it removes a significant number of the results.

Example using Guest Access:
Will also work with your MyList if you choose an apropriate filter (maybe 'filestate: deleted'?)

Visit this page (one of the last few pages of the list):

Choose a filter such as 'only ova' or 'filestate CD'.
(There are ova's and external/cd files, but the results sugest otherwise.)
Additional InformationUnlike where it did not make sense to carry over the page number for an alphabetical filter, it might be considered useful to keep a page number so that it stays near the section/page which a user was just navigating.

[ Solution? ]

The quick and easy fix is to get rid of the page= param in all filter urls, though it might be better to keep them and always display the last page if an invalid (greater then last) page is requested.
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