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0000781HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2007-11-11 21:47
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Summary0000781: DVD icon doesn't show up when an episode is added as Generic File DVD
DescriptionWhen I add episodes I have on DVD the DVD icon doesn't show up for half the episodes. From what I have seen so far this only occurs with episodes where I have a generic type DVD of the episode AND a fansub file.

If I manually change the fansub file state from unwatched to watched the DVD icon appears for that episode and stays, even if I change the fansub file state back to unwatched.
Changing the watched state of the generic file does NOT restore the icon.

Also, using mylist to change all the series' episodes to a watched state doesn't work. This randomly scrambles around the DVD icons, but there are still missing ones.

Changing the state of all the files back to unwatched in mylist restores them to their original condition and the same episodes are still missing the DVD icon.
Additional InformationI have included a screen shot to clarify.

This is reproducible.

The DVD icon comes in real handy for quickly checking if I already have something on DVD so I don't buy it twice. But right now I would have to manually toggle the state of the fansub file on every single episodes with missing DVD icons to fix them.
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2007-10-17 02:04


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