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0001064HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2008-04-19 03:04
ReporterAmour Assigned Tofahrenheit  
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Summary0001064: When deleting a PM: do not hide the message 1 seconde after
DescriptionOn PM list:

When clicking on delete, I get the following message:
« message deleted »

The issue is that this message is hidden/removed one second later. This raises two issues:
* you might not see it
* the message list goes down, then goes up, like a yo-yo

Please, do not hide this kind of system message at all.



2008-04-05 14:14

reporter   ~0001918

I can increase the amount of time that message displays or remove it all together.

The reason i have that box is to give the users some kind of way to know that the server actually did something, because that box only shows after the server replies to the message deletion request.

Ask around on #anidb (bug some mods) and figure if you want the timer increased, removed altogether or simply to don't show anything. When you have done that reply here.

PS: my vote is to increase the time the box is displayed to 5 seconds.


2008-04-05 23:27

reporter   ~0001919

Three answers for survey: nobody wants the timer.

(keep the message, but don't hide until we leave the page)


2008-04-19 03:04

reporter   ~0001977

fixed in anidb v0.1.49b

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