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0001074SigServerBug Reportpublic2008-04-13 22:48
ReporterOmmina Assigned Toantennen  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0001074: Certain anime titles will crash the sig with an "Invalid XML" error message.
DescriptionThe command being used: truncate($watching_id1_aname,25,"..")

The anime referenced:
("Figure 17 - Tsubasa & Hikaru").

I'm speculating that the "&" is making something unhappy, but I've not tested that far. Viewdate, seencount, episodes for the same title all work correctly, but as soon as "aname" for that title is included in the signature, it crashes with an "Invalid XML" error.
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2008-04-07 21:50

administrator   ~0001931


I marked an episode of ("Hyper-Doll: Mew & Mica The Easy Fighters") as watched and got the same "Invalid XML" message.

For giggles I tried


and marked an episode containing an "&" (e44789) as watched to see what would happen.

Same "Invalid XML" error as before, but with an additional note: "EntityRef: Expecting ';' at line 35 (char 45)"


2008-04-09 00:19

administrator   ~0001940

it was indeed the &. From now on all SigMath output will be properly escaped (&), etc. & in plain XML still have to be escaped by hand as it should.


2008-04-13 21:51

administrator   ~0001955

Under certain conditions, this error continues. If I can find a way to make the tracker downgrade the severity to 'minor' and reopen it, I will.

Returning to the sample anime (aid 225): "Figure 17 - Tsubasa & Hikaru"

If feeding the aname to a truncate function, the signature will still crash [i]depending on where[/i] the name is truncated.

{{truncate($latestwatched_id2_aname,22,"..")}} works

truncate values of 23 through 26 fail
truncate values of 27 and greater work
truncate values of 22 and less seem to work (only tested to 20)

I have not tested functions other than truncate.


2008-04-13 22:48

administrator   ~0001956

The issue is fixed in the development version. Hence it will take efffect once it rolls out. It is mark fixed since I need to keep track of done things myself. It is indeed the "&" that is causing the crasch.

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