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0001141HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2008-06-27 08:07
Reportercoverback Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Summary0001141: tooltip in anime relations graph shows shortened anime name
Descriptionwhen viewing anime relations graph, long names are shortened, but when hovering on them, you still get the same shortened name.
that sorta ruins the tooltip reason.
i suggest you put into the title attribute full names

didn't know if it counts as feature request or a bug, but since the tooltip is there already, but doesn't help, i have put in into bug section
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2008-05-23 15:29

administrator   ~0002087

uh I can't reproduce this.

looks perfectly normal to me. no shortened names anywhere


2008-05-25 17:52

reporter   ~0002098
here, the name of the movie is shortened and tooltip doesn't help


2008-06-27 08:07

administrator   ~0002161

i have no clue why you reopened this fahrenheit. the bug is resolved

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