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0001148HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2010-09-06 14:31
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Summary0001148: State of episode Watched icon in episode list does not change as expected.
DescriptionIf one has added more than one file to mylist for any given episode, then, in the episode list on the anime page:

* To make the episode's watched icon appear, ALL files in mylist must be marked as watched or the unwatched files must be removed from mylist. This is a bit unlogical since the episode has been watched as soon as one of the files have been watched.

* ALL files must be marked as unwatched for the icon to disappear. This is logical.

The outcome is the same both when changing the file state directly in the episode list on an anime page or when dumping ed2k links. Have not tried any of the clients.

The 'Seen' stats in MyList info box on the anime page does change as expected.

Attached pic (from Uchuu no Stellvia ep #1) shows the result when all files were initially in unwatched state and then R-B's file was marked as watched => No watched icon on episode.
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related to 0001152 resolvedfahrenheit Ajax watched button 


2008-05-14 19:50


watched.PNG (29,102 bytes)
watched.PNG (29,102 bytes)


2008-08-03 21:11

reporter   ~0002256

i'm pretty sure this one is solved, at least for the ajax page.

if not, re-open tracker item.


2008-08-04 16:43

reporter   ~0002259

Just checked and the non-ajax pages still behaves as before. Maybe the bugfix hasn't been applied yet to the server?


2010-09-06 14:31

administrator   ~0003162

seems fixed to me

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