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0001210HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2008-07-23 15:54
ReporterBhaaL Assigned ToDerIdiot  
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Summary0001210: Changing filters may show "No result" (paging issue)
DescriptionChanging Filters on MyList while not on the first page may result in a "No results" page, despite the fact that there are actually results.
The "Prev" button is active, clicking it will sollve the problem temporarily.
This becomes more annoying tho when your initial MyList has more than 2 pages, and you are on one of the last ones when filtering. In my case (3 pages of MyList), results showed up after hitting "Prev" two times getting back to first page.

Proposed solution:
Check QueryString value for "page", and reset if necessary.
Additional InformationSteps to reproduce:
1) Open MyList with 2+ pages.
2) Switch to 2nd page.
3) Deselect (for example) "Filestate: external storage" (anything that would result in less than 30 results)
4) Hit "Update"
5) Page shows "No results. Learn how to add files blah...".
6) "Prev" button is active, hit that.
7) MyList shows correct files.
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2008-07-21 18:22

administrator   ~0002211

right now i remember why i had that parameter deleted initially.

hmpf ok will have to think of something


2008-07-23 15:54

administrator   ~0002217

OK changed the behavior. if there will be no results when using filters (after pressing update) first the page parameter is stripped and afterward the character parameter. i hope that will not confuse some users.

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