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0001220HTML & PERLBug Report - Interfacepublic2008-07-28 18:17
ReporterHarkonnen Assigned Tofahrenheit  
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Summary0001220: group files dont expand on first try for certain anime/group combination
DescriptionOnly in ajax mode. Steps to redproduce:
go to
hit "expand this release" near Bakawolf-m33w entry
page got stuck in "please wait while loading data", javascript console has "Error: eprow has no properties
Source File:
Line: 1240"
now if you fold+expand this entry or expand any other group everything starts to work fine until you reload the page

This only happens for a very small number of anime/group combination, in addition to Special A/Bakawolf example i can only name Cooking Master Boy/A-Keep right now.

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2008-07-27 16:15

reporter   ~0002230

couldn't reproduce this in either firefox nor opera 9.27, maybe it was a caching issue, try again and please state your browser.


2008-07-27 16:43

reporter   ~0002232

thats very strange, i get it on any browser i tried (varios ff, seamonkey, ie6, ie7, konqueror).I even tried it from different computer on a different connection. and its on for at least a week now.

and its probably not mylist related because while i do have Bakawolf's Special A in mylist,i dont have Cooking Master Boy.

attached screenshot showing what to expand to get error

2008-07-27 16:43


snapshot1.png (61,578 bytes)
snapshot1.png (61,578 bytes)


2008-07-27 23:08

reporter   ~0002233

like i said, can't reproduce it and if i can't do that i can't fix anything.
you could try giving me both xmls the page asks for to see if there is some problem with the generated xml's but other than that i have no idea.


2008-07-28 17:09

reporter   ~0002236

this made me intrigued :), and after some investigation i finally found the culprit. its "hide parody eps on anime page" setting. if its set the described effect happens if that group made a parody ep for that anime.


2008-07-28 18:17

reporter   ~0002237

thanks, that helped. fixed

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