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0001241HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2016-09-03 12:14
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Summary0001241: Anime Group Graphicbar -> Joint group & participants
DescriptionLet's assume a group picks up an anime,
subs 4 episodes and then makes a joint group with another.

Now the groupbar will show 2 groups.
The joint group which will mark every episode made from the single group & joint group as done and
the single group which has only the first 4 episodes marked as done.

How about marking the episodes which were only subbed by the joint group
also as done but in a different color (to avoid confusion) in the single group?

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2008-08-13 16:05

reporter   ~0002286

By the way, do you have a similar idea when a group drops an anime, and another one continues the project?

Real Drive, started by SHS, continued by The Metal.


2008-08-13 16:14

developer   ~0002287

Since The Metal is registered as a child group of SHS,
it should be as difficult/easy to implement as my feature request.

One could use a different or the same color for it.


2008-08-14 18:53

developer   ~0002288

Since I I had some time on my hands, I wrote the code which would do what I suggested.
But it would also require some serverside changes since the "related groupids" would need to be supplied.

The following code
would replace lines from 348-354 in common-anime-scripts.js


2008-08-16 17:30

reporter   ~0002292

just commit your changes to the js-dev folder under the svn and bug deridiot to update the js files under dev, then check dev and see if it works.
as for the extra data, take a relevant xml from one anime where this would work, alter it and paste here the changes, i'll see if i can change the xmls for dev.


2008-08-18 16:45

developer   ~0002295

Last edited: 2008-08-18 16:54

I've commited my changes & DerIdiot updated the dev-js.
It works nicely although the serverside script needs to be adjusted.

Example: (might take a while to load)

I've made three changes:
1. Display related groups (SHS & The Metal) Second Table in GroupBar.html
2. Removed the 300 ep cap
3. Groupbars are always 200px in width
Since the serverside script produces different bar length for different anime,
the bar length doesn't match which of course looks bad.

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