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0001258HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2008-12-08 14:32
Reporterpolariser Assigned Tofahrenheit  
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Summary0001258: JS checkboxes range selection
DescriptionFor table views with a checkbox field, it would be nice to select multiple checkboxes using SHIFT + Click à la gmail. It works like the following:

1. Select first checkbox.
2. Press Shift.
3. Select last checkbox to select all checkboxes between the first and the last.

Considering situations like file lists on anidb where a "step" is sometimes required during range selection (for e.g., while selecting only the MKV releases in a file list), it might be nice to also allow for a stepping feature like the following:

1. Select first checkbox.
2. Optionally select second checkbox in series.
3. Press Shift.
4. Select last checkbox to select all checkboxes between the first and the last accomodating any steps in the series as per 2.

Maybe this can be incorporated into the "check-all" code.

Tagsjavascript, UI


related to 0000857 new AJAX/JS Tool on anime display pages for mass status. 



2008-11-15 01:38

reporter   ~0002411

done, should be working for every place that has checkboxes inside a form element.


2008-12-08 06:12

reporter   ~0002439

Thanks - the step feature has been deemed un-useful?


2008-12-08 13:13

reporter   ~0002440


check all checkboxes using the first-shift-last, manualy uncheck any checkboxes that you don't want?


2008-12-08 14:28

reporter   ~0002441

Actually, never mind. I can just sort the table and then use the range checkbox selector. Muchas gracias.

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