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0001363AniDB IM/JabberFeature Request - Miscpublic2016-09-03 12:14
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Summary0001363: Titles of unwatched episodes aren't hidden when receiving notifications
DescriptionThe titles of unwatched episodes aren't hidden when receiving notifications via jabber or rss although it is hidden on the anime page and notification history when hide titles of unwatched episodes is set in my profile.
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related to 0001354 resolvedantennen HTML & PERL Hide episode titles in RSS feed 



2009-08-28 22:22

administrator   ~0002953

I'm not happy with it either, but changing the Jabber notifications requires a fairly significant rewrite of the Jabber server, along with the additional weight of checking watched data (which, of course, it skips now).

So this is a fix that will probably happen eventually, but, a warning, it will not be quick (or soon!)

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