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0001470SigServerFeature Requestpublic2017-08-19 16:02
Reporternordlys Assigned ToSoulweaver  
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Summary0001470: "Latest" variables are confused when more than one file occurs.
DescriptionUsers who add/mark more than one file as Watched simultaneously will currently confuse the SigServer. For instance, if episodes 1 and 2 are added in one action, the SigServer will quite often interpret episode 1 as the latest, which is illogical.

A seemingly easy change for most cases could be to add a secondary check on the files' Released dates, but only run this check when more than one episode have been added simultaneously. If this field can be blank, which is something I don't know, then it might be better to run the secondary check on episodes' Air Dates, which is only slightly less accurate than Released date.
Additional InformationLatest Files variables are probably also affected. Though, I have not personally used such other variables yet.

Not everyone update their profiles constantly, so I wouldn't take 'update more often' as an answer. Adding the actual last episode seperately is also not a plausible solution.
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2009-03-25 15:31

reporter   ~0002637

After a bit of snooping around the site, I've noticed that the variables affected are not generated with the SigServer. I'm sorry for the error in my report, but I can't edit it after submitting.

It should be categorized as a website interface feature instead.

I wouldn't call it a bug, but adding episodes in reverse order when mass updating files is illogical. From my 10 latest additions it seems they're always added in reverse order, so just flipping the logic used around might work if this is true. Not sure how that would handle specials, though.


2009-03-25 16:13

administrator   ~0002638

Last edited: 2009-03-25 16:14

It works like this. The web interface generate XML feeds that the SigServer parses. Could you provide a couple of LID for affected entries? Three should do it. I'll check the timestamps to see if it's possible to fix this in an easy manner.

EDIT: This bug report is proper.


2009-03-25 18:26

reporter   ~0002640

The change has to be done on the website and not the SigServer from what I gathered. seems to generate these variables, which the SigServer then reads. If that's wrong, both must be reading from the same feeds.

As an example, my current top two entries look like this:
1. 2009-03-24 11:23: To Aru Majutsu no Index - 23 - [Eclipse] (560214)
2. 2009-03-24 11:23: To Aru Majutsu no Index - 24 - [Eclipse] (562484)


2017-08-19 16:02

developer   ~0004096

DerIdiot pushed some changes regarding this to the main site repo, and I'm seeing positive results, but I'll still need to play around it a bit more. This is probably fixed thanks to them in any case.

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