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0001501HTML & PERLFeature Request - Interfacepublic2016-09-02 05:48
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Summary0001501: Send a system message to user when CRC changes via HIS autocreq
DescriptionWhen the user adds a file and also avdumps it, and avdump changes the CRC of that file to other than what the user added, he currently doesn't get notified about that. He definitely should, though. That way he'll know that either he made a mistake in adding the CRC, he got the corrupt version of the file or the CRC given in filename by the official source was wrong. When he knows that, he may also change the CRC status to something else than what the system had given (unknown). He should get a message like: "The CRC value you added to <this file entry> was wrong and it was changed to the correct value generated by avdump. Please check whether you have the proper file (not corrupted) and make adjustments to the CRC status if necessary (matches official CRC; does NOT match official CRC). Or in the case of only you having the corrupted version of the distributed file, please issue a deletion request for that file entry, AniDB is NOT meant to index metadata of files that only you have and which were not distributed publicly."
Additional InformationPerhaps send the same message when it was also changed by someone else/elses avdump.
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related to 0002557 resolvedDerIdiot Acreqs: PM for sub track from soft -> hard + changed to CRC edited behaviour when file is marked CRC does NOT match 



2009-04-14 09:49

administrator   ~0002689

Should not such a message be issued if the CRC is changed by _any_ trusted autocreq? Why would it be restricted to dumps submitted by the file's adder? Particularly if the status is changed from 'checked' to 'unchecked'.


2009-04-14 12:56

administrator   ~0002690

Last edited: 2009-04-14 12:58

Yes, that's what I said in Additional Information. And a system message IS issued already if it's dumped by someone else, it doesn't of course say what I wrote it should say.

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