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0001701SigServerFeature Requestpublic2017-08-15 21:01
ReporterShitenshi Assigned ToSoulweaver  
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Summary0001701: Display Anime Titles in Default Language (if available) rather than Official Title?
DescriptionJust like in your MyList, I would suggest for the signature, that whenever you ask the Anime Name (for example by using the variable $watching_id1_aname) depending on your language settings, it shows the default language title, if available. If there is no title for the language you set as default, then it'll just put the Official Title for the anime.

As an example: shows "Pokemon Chronicles" correctly in MyList, but "Shuukan Pokemon Housoukyoku" on my signature.



2009-10-03 00:38

administrator   ~0003005

It'd sure be a nice feature to have. The question is if the user really want that on all his signatures. If I choose to display German titles on website, it is all right because I'm the only one effected. But a signature is seen by many, perhaps non German speakers. This would need to be set on a per signature basis, meaning it won't happen soon.


2017-08-15 21:01

developer   ~0004088

Per-signature language setting has been implemented and will be available the next time SigServer production is updated. Retrieving the user's default language and keeping it up-to-date would be a bit tricky and potentially unwanted in some cases, so new signatures will always default to Japanese (transcription).

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