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0000204HTML & PERLFeature Request - Databasepublic2006-10-23 17:23
Reporterpelican Assigned Toexp  
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Summary0000204: Change AniDB to UTF-8 (at least the web side)
DescriptionA Unicode encoding is the only way to preserve all information after it's been from the db to the user's browser and back to the db other than explicitly coding characters (some browsers send character references back as is, but this is not specified behaviour, few implement it and it thus can't be relied upon), which reduces the clairty of the interface and places the burden of conversion on the user. In fact, in the current system only such browsers can input characters outside of iso-8859-1 directly, an important requirement for a database of japanese animation, which is unsurprisingly often titled in the language of the same name.

This doesn't have to be done today or tomorrow, but at least working out what has to be done to make the change would be desirable in the near future.
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parent of 0000496 resolvedexp Search feature doesn't work with some non-ascii characters 



2005-06-08 21:44

administrator   ~0000508

this is already ontodo.
however, this will not happen anytime soon.


2005-06-08 21:53

reporter   ~0000510

Can you expand on exactly what would need changing where exp? Not being a server person myself, I have no idea at all bar changing some options somewhere and doing find/replace on existing escaped data -> native unicode.


2005-06-09 21:26

administrator   ~0000517

...and existing iso-8859-1 to utf-8, of course (also trivial, what are the hard problems?)


2005-06-10 07:18

administrator   ~0000521

the main problem is that all components need to be utf8 aware.
which is unfortunatly not the case on the current server.
a major software upgrade (libs, perl, perl modules) would be required.
an utf8 setup would also need some testing, last time I tried it on a local box it didn't work well bc some components still had problems with utf8, as it turned out.
so all in all I expect that a switch to utf8 is possible but would require a lot of work.

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