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0000205AOMFeature Request - Interfacepublic2016-09-03 12:14
ReporterOnegaiNL Assigned Topetriw  
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Summary0000205: Feature that shows how much files and filesize you have from a group
DescriptionFeature that shows how much files and filesize you have from a group.

So you have 70 Naruto episodes from AonE-Anbu, so on the group page it should say you have 70 files(Filesize:20GB) of this group, or something like that :P
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2005-06-09 23:35

administrator   ~0000518

more stats = more load = bad
thats more something for aom.
besides a total useless stat imho...


2005-06-10 01:53

administrator   ~0000519

There is already a stat like that for files from a certain group for a certain anime; it's displayed on the anime page.

Filtering personal anime lists by group would be genuinely useful, though, to discover what of a group's output you have seen.


2005-06-10 05:18

reporter   ~0000520

This is a feature I want for AOM, certainly.

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